perhaps, perhaps, perhaps

my intended hates our new furniture arrangement. for a long time now i've been sleeping against a wall. i really like the sound of that sentence - for a long time now i've been sleeping against a wall - and i'd like to feel that it had some metaphorical value, but i haven't been able to pull any deeper consequence from the fact that i've had to climb over my slumbering love every morning about 6 to hit the loo. after nearly 4 years, i turned it. i turned the bed. just like that, like a miracle, i got a side - on the side - of our bed, no nightstand, but just a small space. though i know having the bed jammed in the corner theoretically saves such precious space and in an apartment were a piece of furniture like that represents nearly 1/10 of the entire square footage, space is at a remarkable premium. regardless, i can't help loving when its time to sleep and i put my book down next to my water and my alarm clock and my earplugs, everything on my side all mine, mine, mine. perhaps this isn't the right attitude to have 28 days, 11 hours, and 53 minutes before my wedding. perhaps when some intendeds say they hate it, it's silly, disorienting, and putting them in a bad mood...perhaps when some intendeds say that it's hard to walk through the narrower passage, that it's impossible to watch t.v. from this angle, other better intendeds might agree and selflessly turn the bed back and give up what is newly theirs. perhaps.


g8s said...

Since it is clearly impossible to switch sides, perhaps it is time to explore alternative sleeping arrangements, such as a hammock, bunkbed, or Murphy bed.

At least you didn't move the toilet to the foot of the bed.

Miss Marisol said...

But did you Photoshop your space first to see if you could turn the bed?