knot tied

i don't know what to write about the wedding. it went by so quickly. like a beautiful nightmare, most of the details escape me. i can say though that i've never been happier about something being over.

a couple of tiny bits...

i wrote on my wedding dress with a pen within the first five minutes of getting all zipped in.
no one noticed.

the cinco de mayo decoration were still in the little community room where i had to wait before the wedding ceremony began and cheryl, my matron of honor, and i took a bunch of pictures wearing sombreros standing with a large cacti.

in the church there's a little ante-chamber where i was supposed to wait while they opened the giant doors to let cheryl start her procession. i peaked, and when i did i saw the church so full of people that i said out loud, "holy crap!" instantly cheryl and i were in hysterics and my wedding coordinator shut the doors quickly, shot scolding looks, and got us on track again.

my cousin's daughter, who is two and who i met for the first time at the reception, thought i was a real princess and was so excited to meet me that she was speechless. i said, "now i know what it must be like to be mickey mouse at disney world." the next day at breakfast she asked why i wasn't wearing my dress.

and finally, my favorite moment came at the end of the night when my husband (which writing still doesn't feel true) and i, with our friends the toso's (who flew in from argentina), cheryl (my aforementioned matron of honor), and our amazing mister g8s (of blog fame) had a couple of bottles of champagne in our room while sitting on the floor.

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Miss Marisol said...

You should bartend in your wedding dress on a busy Saturday night and say things like, "The Princess doesn't muddle . . ."

Congratulations again, wifey!