what have you learned from this experience?

people suck.

if you worked for a fashion magazine, and i asked you to put my aunt on the cover for her birthday, you'd think i was crazy.
she reads your magazine every week and it would mean so much to her.

if you were the chef at a italian restaurant, and i came in with ten of my friends and ordered burritos, you'd think i was an ass.
i brought all these people in and we were expecting to eat burritos, not pasta.

that's why i don't get it. what makes people think that they can come into a bar and ask to hook up their ipod, to play a cd? what makes them think that they should be allowed to play a "funny" dvd on the projector that they made as a gag for some co-worker's last day? what makes them think that the music and the movies that the bar chooses aren't an integral part of the experience and style of the place?
it's only thirty minutes, and i don't think any of your other customers would mind.
we have a lot of big events coming up, and maybe in the future we won't decide to come here.
if you don't let us play it, we're all just going to leave.
then leave


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orangemanmike said...

Your opening line says it all... they really do.

Miss Marisol said...

People have a ridiculous sense of entitlement.