forget vespa, i want a ruckus

doesn't it look like it would win in a fight against a vespa any day? my husband laid a big fat "what are you f$#&ing crazy?" on this dream. i think his fear is that it wouldn't win in a fight with an mta bus, which we all know are the great white sharks of the streets, followed closely by the less quite, but equally dangerous and unpredictable rhino, the garbage truck. all my arguements have fallen short. i either sound like rain man, repeating what an excellent driver i am or i list other people we know that have them, all of whom are crazy on their own, so not so good for comparison. i also use the rising taxi fares. this one seems to penetrate the best, but it's thus far been a no sale.

on a further motor bike note, i've been trying to figure out why it is that horns sound directly proportional to the vehicel's size in/on which they are mounted, thus inversely proportional to the level of protection it might need. i mean a bell on a bike and you've got to pull the cord on a horn in an 18-wheeler?

i'd put all the specs down, but honestly that stuff means nothing to me.

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Miss Marisol said...

You would be so kick ass on one of these! I vote YES!