longer and less long than you think

that's five miles. i ran them today. well...ran in the way people "run" the marathon, when you know that at some point they were walking. only my friend, sannette, knows how much of it i "ran" and how much we ran, because my vision was sort of blurry after the second mile. my husband says that it's because i'm like a dog, which some wives might find a bit offensive, but i know exactly what he means. in my mind: you run, i run. we'll go as far as i can go until i just can't go anymore. that's sort of how my entire life is. that's why we work so well together. he's willing to run, and i'm willing to follow him until i just can't anymore. hopefully, my life will show me the same mercy that sannette did today, and when he hears me wheezing with a slight wimper in every huff, he'll ask if we want to just walk a bit...just until we get over the next hill.

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