what is it this time?


definition: a disorder that invoves a softening of the cartilage behind the patellar bone, or the kneecap. it is a condition that occurs most often in young adults. the symptoms include a dull ache in the knee, located behind the knee cap. it is often worse after sitting for long periods of time or when walking down stairs.

oh...and you can't really run or do anything else that involves your legs with any bit of comfort.

my doctor said last week that it was possibly meniscus damage then left for a three week vacation with the promise that when he returned we'd check into it further.

i'm not that patient of a patient. today, i went to another doctor.

the good news: it isn't a menisucs tear and since meniscus tears most often require surgery, i won't have to have surgery, which i was really worried about. and further, chondromalacia is treatable.

the bad news: it's treatment is rehab, 12 weeks of rehab 2-3 times/week.

my positive spin: i'm adding only to all further sentences about it.
only chondromalacia.
only 12 weeks only 2-3 time/week.
only 24-36 sessions.
the equinox where i'm hopefully going to do the rehab sessions is only a few blocks from my house.
the only part of the definition of chondromalacia above that i like it the "young adult" bit.
only i don't think that i really qualify as a "young adult" anymore as i am turning thirty this year.
i am turning thirty in only two short months.

my positive spin is starting to make me sad.

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Orangemanmike said...

Oh, man that sucks. I'm sorry to hear that. Good luck with the PT!