chicken mountain

our wedding reunion party was a big success. i didn't take any pictures, so i can't show the mountain of fried chicken that we served, but it was impressive, like a chicken version of that game janga. it's hard to believe it's been a year since we were all drunk and sweaty in natchez. i took it very slow on the booze during the thick of the party, trying to maintain my composure with all the relatives and the hellos and how are ya's and the cheek pinchings, but by the end of it i was sucking down cheap champagne and rambling on about my approaching 30th. it went something like this, "it doesn't bother me, it bothers me, i'm going grey and i'll be dead soon, but i'm o.k. really, honest."

luckily, i didn't suffer too much yesterday, as i have been taking my day off initiative very seriously. i don't know if i mentioned my oprah-esq take back my life movement. i've decided that i need to be more proactive about my mental well being and my friendships, mostly this has amounted to sleeping half the day and having drinks with buddies in places that are not gstaad, but it's a nice start. after sleeping until about 2, i went and picked up my paper anniversary present for my lovely husband. i found the cutest book of commendations at kate's. then, i contemplated going to hot yoga, but decided that i was likely far to dehydrated to sweat that much, and i ended my day with a pita filled with delicious left over fried chicken salad and too much t.v.

tomorrow is my next big day. my husband cannot have a wrapped present in his possession without saying, "open it, open it." i wanted to wait until after midnight tonight at the very least. let's not rush it. i don't know what he has planned for us tomorrow. he's only said that we have dinner reservations, and he's very good at finding great places to eat, so i'm very excited about that.

on thursday afternoon, we're going on a helicopter ride. i'm super excited about that, too.

and more good news...two runs, two plus miles each this week and no problems. i think i'm going to up it to four on thursday night to see what's what. maybe i'll be able run with my friend again soon. i've been waiting until i'm in good enought health that i'm not slowing her down.

t minus 8 hours to the big 30.

really, i'm fine.


orangemanmike said...

Happy Birthday!

Life on this side of 30 really isn't bad. Though I am starting to notice how many people I'm older than. And it gets really creepy when people I'm hiring now were born in 1986!

But I digress. Have a great birthday!

ridiculous said...

after reading your post, i want a chicken mountain of my own. maybe in my apartment.

and 30 was my most favoritest birthday ever.

happy birthday! have fun!