i'm 30.

i'm playing my first soccer match in many many weeks on sunday, but i'm not nervous only excited like retarded excited.

i'm a little rose'-ed up, after having spent a very nice night drinking with my friend johan (yo, yo, ya.o).

i'm happy to have sent off the invitations to my first andebobandy wedding, and though i haven't heard from her yet, i'm sure she'll be thrilled. i hope, right?

i'm going to put up the andebobandy shelf this week - for sure. i've got a lot of andebobandy stuff, and i'm going to post a picture of it as soon as it's up you can bet your sweet ass.

did i mention that i'm 30.

i'm fine with being 30.


i'm going to make all of my dreams come true. maybe i'm 15.

i'm going to have to buy a new brown tank top tommorrow because in my drunken state, i spilled chlorox clean-up on my current one and don't know if i'm rock enough to wear it as stained.

i'm going home.

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