i'll do this chloe-style.

what's been up since last i posted (ah-zahr zan zee pain, which everyone should watch now if they haven't already seen it)...

-the frame of the walls on the williburg place have gone up. it doesn't look like much, but it's a start.

-the architect, j.a. (pronounced the euro way: ya.a. who i've been calling "the slut" lately because he is sweedish and didn't have a baseball team to root for and went to one yankee game and fell in love with the yankees and then last week went to one mets game and fell in love with the mets), along with my husband and myself spent a very leisurely friday afternoon into evening (just before memorial day) not eating anything substantial but drinking 7 bottles of rose over several hours on the rooftop of juilette. we're very sorry to everyone that was forced to witness us leave, and apologies to the lovely maureen at the table next to me that was burned by a certain young architect's cigarette.

-my grandmother in law turned 90, putting my soon-to-be 30 in a new perspective (though i have not quite figured out what perspective that is feeling now both young and old).

-the countdown is on...only 10 days to go.

-i told my husband that i didn't want the earrings that i had told him i wanted before. not because i don't want them, because i so so so do, but because the more i thought about it the more horribly guilty i felt for wanting them when we are working so hard to get everything going with the new place and all right now.
you can visit them at tiffany.com. frank gehry designed. i know, i'm shameless.

-i've accomplished two of the five goals that i set for andebobandy this year (2 weddings) now i only have 2 websites and a retail placement to go.

-i have not put up the andebobandy shelf or ordered the boxes. the box conversation went something like this.
me: yes, hi. i was interested in your kraft paper jewel top stationary boxes. it says here that you can get them through a special order.
tom: yeah, sure. we've got a minimum, but if you can order atleast 5000 it'll be fine.
me: oh no can do, tom. that's a lot of boxes.

-and i've got a run scheduled for tomorrow. i'm going to go a mile on the street. wish me luck.

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orangemanmike said...

Good luck with the run! I just started up again after a month off following the half-marathon. ridiculouschick and I are so very close to committing to the Philly marathon that I've been compelled to get off my butt and run. Care to join us?