before i die #001

now that i have a semi-accurate accounting of how many days i have left, a countdown to serve as a motivator not to waste my precious moments, i should probably try to figure out what i want to do before i die.

i thought about this for a long time, and only came up with one answer that wasn't either obvious (like own my own home) or unattainable (like breathe underwater).

i want to have a door with a lock that requires one of those old time big keys to open it, or even better, a house full of door with those locks and i can have one old red rusty skeleton key for all of them.

i am now going to name this - thing to do before i die #001. hopefully like the craigslist ads, more will come to me in the future.


g8s said...

Now that you know when the big day is coming, surely you will be interested in this:


andebobandy said...

this is awsome!

i'm worth $4425, which coincidentally is how much money i'd be worth if i saved all my income for a year.