who's with me?

mister g8s has abandoned his blog. this makes me sort of sad, because i really enjoyed reading his entries. it also makes me very happy, because i know that he is really loving what he's doing with his flickr and what is flickr is doing for his photography. nevertheless, i wonder, without the blog, where does he put his frustrations?

like take for instance the hundreds of little f*$@ ups and frustration of my last few weeks that are culminating into what very likely could turn into a total mental collapse by the end of tonight.

while hubby has been off in brooklyn securing our future, i'm here watching over gstaad operation. since that began here are only a few of the things that i've done:

- i booked a party on a wednesday in june that was supposed to be for a saturday in july that was supposed to start at 5:30pm and on saturday we don't open until 8, so they were a little confused.

- i'm holding the private room for a different person i spoke to a week ago, waiting for her to confirm for a monday next week, not realizing when i spoke to her that we're closed on monday's through august.

-i got 3 cases of finlandia wildberries instead of 3 bottles.

-i've gotten myself into a very serious employee pickle, which isn't going to be fun to deal with at all, details of which i will not discuss here.

and finally and the most annoying...

-i had an issue last week with a guy that repeatedly pestered my entire staff, door guy included, to allow him to bring in pizza, which we don't do who then called me in my office to ask me. of course, i said no as firmly but politely as i could. and after having him whine and complain and threaten to take his party elsewhere for a good 10 minutes, it was reported to me by my door guy that he called me a not so nice name. he didn't leave for hours, but what he did do was write a totally jerk off review of us in citysearch saying that we were unaccommodating and rude and that the management here was terrible.

thank god we've got another business near to opening, because clearly i'm about to run gstaad aground.

maybe mr. g8s' love of photography is soothing his frustrations to the point that he doesn't need to vent. me, i'm thinking of starting another blog, i'll write entirely in all caps and i'll call it "oh my f*$&ing god, i am seriously going to kill someone, kill myself, or both before the end of this god forsaken day. who's with me?"


ridiculous said...

with you, not against you...

ridiculous said...

hey! got your invite! i can't make tonight (hosting a dinner party) and as of tomorrow at 1 pm i'm out of nyc until september 4th. bummer. forwarding info to orangeman...let's try to arrange something for september.

congrats! on the opening of the new space.