so now that the exhaustion has passed (i'm hoping by saying it, that it will become true), it's time to get going on all things left undone at oulu and gstaad.

first for orangemanmike and his post on the ultimate urban garden...very cool indeed, and though i don't have one of those babylonian hanging ones, i do have this...

this is oulu's facade. it's a vertical garden, also called a green wall. according to our architect, it will conceivably produce enough oxygen for 46 people a year, which is pretty cool.

i really haven't been talking about oulu that much, here or in person, and i think it's sort of a combination of factors affecting me. one being that for so long it was a secret and i wasn't allowed to tell anyone about the wall or the name, that i'm still guarding it. two, that i'm so crazy busy with all the chaos that has been gstaad lately that i've barely been to oulu. and three, i'm naturally disinclined to talk up things that i'm doing, which i think is possibly a mississippi thing (and i think that because i've certainly noticed that talking things up is a thing that new yorkers do a lot of). so i'm gonna give it a shot here and say that oulu is beautiful and i do love it. it's without a doubt "post-hipster williamsburg", which is a phrase that's getting a lot of mileage out there off the l-train, and oulu has better music than gstaad (and gstaad has awesome music).

so there you go. hopefully everyone will love it. hopefully monday i'll get out there and finish some of the things on my to do list. hopefully i'll get one day away from the city before the start of the fall.

and other good news:
my parents are visiting next month!
soccer starts on sunday!
the bloody mary i created for the upcoming sunday bloody mary sunday special for oulu is delicious!
and gstaad is all set to have a rock, rock, rocking saturday night this week!!!!

no more sighing!

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