the hubby and i decided, rather than spend the money to have to floor guys finish the office, that we could handle putting a concrete floor in ourselves. you'd be surprised at how many varieties of concrete there are. well, maybe you wouldn't be, but i sure was.

i never made any promises, which turned out to be a good thing, because the floor turned out to be a very bad thing. twice.

we decided to return to familiar ground, wood. i'm actually quite good with a saw. and today i spent the entire day putting in a platformed floor. it looks pretty good actually, and better than that - it's level.

right before i put on the last plank it occurred to me that i might be the last person for quite some time to see the floor below the platform. i decided to leave a note. it said something like, "today, september 6th 2007, andebobandy built this platform to cover the disaster that was our (my husband and my) foolish attempt at pouring a concrete floor. i hope you are able to enjoy the wine." and i left a bottle of pinot noir.

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