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run down of my parents' visit.

thursday - they arrived on the first rainy day n.y.c. has seen in what feel like months only to get hit with the first cold spell of the fall. being in from mississippi, they were woefully under-prepared.

friday we sat in 4 hours of traffic on the west side highway. say it out-loud, "i thought we'd try to get out of the city early on a rainy friday."

i'm an idiot, but they were very impressed with my city driving.

saturday i didn't see them at all. i had to work and to make it through work i had to have a solid base of sleep.

sunday i dragged them to the 96th street playground to watch me play soccer. they were freezing the whole time.

we won 4-3 over a very strong team, probably the strongest we've faced. they thought we lost. the only comment they made about my play was, "it didn't seem like you did that much. you just stayed in the back the whole time."

i play defense.

monday we saw the rangers play tampa bay. they enjoyed it quite a bit even though they'd never seen a hockey game before, my mom cheered, and surprisingly they didn't have many questions. there was a penalty shot and a couple of small near fights.

of course, i'd just taken drury and lundqvist off my fantasy team, because up to this point the rangers have looked like a bunch of bums.

and tuesday, they left.

their visit was way too short. hopefully it won't be another year before i get to see them again.

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