my friend has brilliant taste

and she's starting a blog to prove it, and to help show her amazing taste to the world (and by world i mean you guys - my mom, my sister, ridiculouschick, orangemanmike, and mister g8s) i'm adding that blog to my list of links. she knows at least three of you already.

it's called blush & flax hues. i'm not sure what that means, but i don't have as brilliant taste. i imagine - knowing her - that it has something to do with art and/or design. her blog is about her beautiful house and all the beautiful things there are in the world to fill it, and she's a little self-conscience about her grammar, so let's all be supportive and not mention any mistakes.



Orangemanmike said...

Gorgeous house she has. Pass on my appreciation - her blog won't let me post since I don't have a blogger account.

ridiculous said...

is there any possibility that she is looking for roommates? because that house is gorgeous...