i probably should not have said anything...

but i was pissed. i had already told her no, sorry, we don't mind if you order pizzas, please understand we don't allow just any outside food because we're a nice place and we don't want it smelling like a taco stand or a chinese restaurant, and she just went ahead and did it anyway.

so i had a choice. i could take it or i could say something. usually, i would just take it. she would have come up to the bar again and ordered like she didn't do anything jerky and i would pretend that it wasn't eating me up inside that she was so rude. i hadn't eaten anything in 10 hours, and i'm tired of taking shit from people who just feel like they can do whatever they want, so i went over there. it was scary, but in that "i'm breaking up with you" or "i'm going to have to quit" sort of way.

"why did you even bother to ask, if you were just gonna do what you wanted to anyway? i explained to you that you could order pizza, but that we don't allow outside food. what if my boss walks in here? he's gonna ask me what the heck is going on? and what am i gonna say, that i told you and you just went ahead and brought it in anyway?"

about half of her friends said that they were sorry and went next door to the taco stand to finish their food, which i thought was nice. she didn't, she just kept on eating, which was rude again.

and i thought i'd feel great after, but i didn't feel great. all i kept thinking was what her citysearch review would be.

"the bar lets you order pizza, but we wanted tacos and the bartender explained to me that it was not wanted because it's messy and smelly. i decided to to whatever the hell i wanted and when i started noshing on my taco, the bartender came over and fussed at me in front of all my friends and i was embarrassed because i didn't expect to get called on my rude behavior."

yeah, right. that would be the truth. a real citysearch review would more likely go something like this...

"the bartender was a bitch and stupid and ugly. the place is awful and empty. the music is bad and the drinks are bad and the time you'll have there will be bad. i'll never go back to that stinky, stupid place again and i suggest that you don't either unless you want to have a sucky time, because i'm the super coolest and nicest person you'll ever meet."

zero stars.



Dana said...

These small things that small thinking people do makes them feel BIG in their itdy bidy small mind. Like they are beating the "system". That is why they have mindless jobs in stupid careers that nobody cares. Civilized people have respect for there environment. Maybe you should have spoken to her in sign language since English is not her first language!

ridiculous said...

ugh. her behavior is just one of the many micro-aggressions that happen in nyc every day.

kudos for saying something. i'm sure it wasn't easy AT ALL, but it was the right thing to do.