it seem that i should rename this blog "not posting".

we'll i'm fixin' to fix that right now.

so being sick really sucked. really, really, really sucked. sucked like there's no tomorrow. fortunately it's over and i am getting back into action (slowly). most things that are worth suffering for are great though, right?

at my last state of andebobandy post, i had conceded to sticking it out at the bars to make things smooth all around. then comes a month long sick yuck and all of the sudden it is proven week after week that even though i am a wonderful asset, the bar will open without me and to some pretty hectic nights, too. sure we had to call in a favor or two to make sure that we had the staff for a saturday here and there, but for the most part things went swimmingly. best of all, the hubby could take all the credit (though mr. g8s knows he was an enormous help, and i know it too), but my mister really held it together. so much so that upon my return he wasn't as happy to have me back as he thought he'd be. bossy is what he called me.

so we talked it out and came to the conclusion that the sick month was a blessing in disguise and that i was going to cut back on my hours (like i said i wanted to months ago) and we would all be happy. now there was a small incentive that was a great help to my cause, which was that while trapped at home for such a long time - at first bed ridden but then later mostly because i am far too vain to go outside covered in red splotches, i kept up with our place like a housewife champ. i cooked, i cleaned, i took care of the laundry, and even made the bed. so it was a deal. less time at the bars, more time working on our home, and also my super happy making new part time job type thing, which is working with my wonderful friend dana, who is a genius with style and a new and totally addicted bloger. she's teaching me how to better use photoshop and illstrator and maybe some animation down the line. so, i can spend three days a week with her and i do two with the hubby and i couldn't be happier. i just hope that dana and hubby are happy, too.

so there.

other announcements include...

1. oulu was in the new york post a couple of weeks ago in their going out section. maybe i'll scan it in and post it when i get a second.

2. although we swore off working from home and removed our computers from our apartment a couple of years ago, our new schedule has made it sort of tough not to have them around so now we have dsl at home (work...ahem...world of warcraft and pokerstars)

3. at yoga tonight i thought i was sweating blue. i thought maybe it was some side effect of the penicillin, like it would be some unknown thing that you'd hear about on c.s.i. that it reacts with heat to create a blue substance in your sweat glands. turns out it was dye from my new sports bra.

4. oh, and i found out that i have high cholesterol. can you believe that? turns out that everything that i eat is wrong. i've really been trying, but it was tough to pass up the prosciutto wrapped pork loin at dinner the other night, so tough in fact that i didn't pass it up at all. i'm trying to find a good way to beat the system.

5. i bought a freezer. up until now, we've only had an apartment sized fridge with that sliver sized totally frosted over freezer area. i was so tired of no ice cream (before i found out about the cholesterol by the way), i had to get it.

that is all for now. i know it's a lot. i also have a crazy story about my doctor, too, but that can wait for another day.


g8s said...

"You say 'bossy', I say 'totally punk rawk'..." =)

Anonymous said...

I just realized that I didn't tell you I bought tickets to come see you during spring break.

ridiculous said...

glad you're back blogging again!

Orangemanmike said...

Hey - good to see you're back!