news that doesn't involve spitzer and his "friend"

1. we finally got away and 2. i finally got to use my ski pants. i did very well, actually. i only fell (hard) once, and it was on our last run. i think that in my case the second to last run is the best one. i'm confidant enough to move easily and have fun, but i'm usually so tired by then that the next run is painful.

3. my sister visited recently (hello chloe) and we had a great time...well, i had a great time. we didn't do that much out of the ordinary and i dragged her here and there to do what i needed to do, but she didn't seem to mind. and as is tradition, we drank a bit. this time there was also pool.

4. which i could have mentioned before. hubby and i are going to puerto villarta with some friends of ours at the end of may. i am crazy excited.

5. johan.


Anonymous said...

What happened to #2?

Anonymous said...

Nevermind, I can't read.