if you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all.

this would sum up my not posting lately.  i feel like every time i talk to anyone, all i'm doing is complaining.  i really try to avoid that with customers.  a good friend of mine who owned a great little cafe, who has now passed on, gave me some great advice when hubby and i opened gstaad and i always try to remember it.  he said, people ask you how you are all the time while you are at work, but they don't want to know.  it isn't that they are being fake, but they are out to enjoy themselves.  they aren't your friends.  they aren't your shrink.  put on a happy face.  let them think that you are living the good life, that you are doing something that is a celebration of life all the time.  it makes them happy.  it makes their experience better.  afterall, that is your job.

so, i won't complain, because he could be watching, and i don't want to disappoint him.


mad scientist said...

hellooooo! Finally catching up on your blog. Miss you guys!

ridiculous said...

i always felt like my blog could be whatever space i needed it to be, and most of the time, it includes venting. one of my friends put it really succinctly when she said that if she didn't know me personally, she would not want to know me, based on my blog.

so...i don't know what this means to you, but blog venting? ok by me.