posting something old makes it new again

here you go, johan.  from forever ago.


my alpheus returns,
bringing with him
a glass of water

our sheet wrapped
around his waist.

he stumbles over piles
of clothes, wades through
the new terrain of us

to me
spilled in bed
trying not to be swallowed
by the alarm clock's
sad song leak
into sleep.

he hands me the glass
as the neighbors dog barks.

desperate as arthusa
that dog checks every inch
of her fence for a place
to dig free

never stopping for fear
she could sink like ink
through the god's green earth
and into the dark dirt beneath

as i
and my alpheus
blend in our drink.

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Anonymous said...

You know...it makes so much more sense now that i know what those two names mean, or the story behind them....otherwise i would just be thinking u gone nuts ;)
"make it work" Ande lol