5 unexpected benefits of working "normal" hours

1. breakfast when places are still serving breakfast - do you know how long it has been since i was up early enough to eat an egg mc muffin?  well, i'll tell you.  too long.  oh yeah people!  i had a mc donald's breakfast sandwich, and i loved it, and i'm gonna do it again.  only 300 calories.  thanks, mikey bloomberg.

2. a new found ease in the use of public transportation - getting around underground doesn't mean 20-30 minutes on a bench far too near to a drunkard.

3. aim - aol instant messenger for those of you who are my mom. i used to love it, and then since no one i know is ever on at 2 in the morning, i'd stopped even signing on most of the time.  i'd forgotten how much fun it is to use when other people you know are also trapped in front of their computer screens. 

4.  coming home to a husband that is happy to see you, misses you, and doesn't know every single minute detail about your day, so he asks, which then leads to conversations that you haven't already had a thousand times before.

5.  reading - it isn't like i'm on the train for an hour a day, but just being able to plow through a couple of dozen pages or so a day is awesome.  since i started working with dana only three weeks ago, i've finished william gibson's mona lisa overdrive (which i would recommend if you're into that sort of not-so-distant-future-not-quite-sci-fi-but-not-fantasy-either genre, but would warn that the ending is a little confusing, and i think happy, but i'm still not sure) and i'm a ways into of human bondage.  and on a side note, as i italicize that title, i can't help but love those old titles...that book isn't what it would be titled like that today.  or say, if it were a web site what you'd expect to find.  it's like vile bodies, by the newly popularized writer evelyn waugh (brideshead revisited), not very vile.

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