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in response to mister g8s insightful post on jeans

dress math - is a carefully developed justification for purchasing dresses (which i always love to have and anyone who knows me can attest to the fact that i hardly ever wear. though i would like to add in my defense that not wearing them often makes it seem extra special when i do). the rule is based on spacial math, as we all should know, one can cut the distance between two objects in half infinitely, a dress too can become infinitely cheaper. after one wear a $500 dress is a $500 dress, but when applying dress math after two wears that same dress is now a $250 per wear, after three it's $166.66, after four it's $125, and so on until eventually the dress cost per wear becomes nominal. if you buy a dress that's well made and classically designed, this could go on for years.

applying dress math to jeans is like money in the bank. i have half a dozen pairs of jeans and they all now probably cost less than a dollar per wear.

dress math makes a lot of things once considered luxury items only to be had by the ridiculous and spoiled (or crazy) perfectly gettable.


Paige Jennifer said...

I've literally sat in a store calculating out how many times I need to wear a not yet bought item to make the guilt of the purchase less traumatic. Sure, these Prada sandals are $295 but if I wear them every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day, well, they're practically free! Sir, I'll take them!

g8s said...

'Dress math' sounds like the opposite of 'a slow leak'...

Miss Marisol said...

Hey, married lady, post something!!!