field marshal (entj)

my results from a personality test based on the jung-myers-briggs typological approach to personality

extroverted - 1
(vs. introverted)
* slightly expressed extrovert
intuitive - 38
(vs. sensing)
* moderately expressed intuitive personality
thinking - 50
(vs. feeling)
* moderately expressed thinking personality
judging - 22
(vs. perceiving)
* slightly expressed judging personality

rational - artisan - idealist - guardian

essentially, for all it's science and research, it came to the conclusion that i still am iron man.

you can read more about the entj personality here, if you want, but in a nutshell it says that i am iron man.

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g8s said...

Just took the test. Results? INTJ. According to one of the type descriptions, this means that I am a 'Mastermind'. Sounds sinister, eh?