then and now

it occurred to me, as i was changing my profile pic, that for all that i've changed in my life, i really haven't changed that much. twenty year have passed between the photos below and i'm the same person, not just in appearance (that is the japanese in me), but my taste and fears and loves, they're all the same. sure, i'm likely cleaner behind the ears in the more recent shot below, and probably less likely to spend the early part of an evening collecting toads under a streetlight with my little brother, but fundamentally, i'm the same. i still love coca cola classic in a can. i still hate waking up in the morning almost as much as i hate sweet pickles. my favorite color is still red, and i still can't sleep after watching the gremlins. i still love ringer tees and a great baseball cap. i've never stopped being a total daddy's girl, and i still have a hard time smiling for photos.
here is proof that i'm the same now as i was then. i can't wait to see who i still am in twenty years from now.

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orangemanmike said...

I know what you mean. I look back on my high-school and college days and it seems like yesterday.

I also have a Citibank visa card with a picture of me on it taken when I was 18. I'm 34 now and no one has ever questioned the picture.