i'm neurotic, but sometimes it leads to discovery

i was sick of the menu book here at the bar. it's a collection of three dozen menus from all over, all in different sizes and shapes, and i had been trying to keep them in order with my friend, mr. hole-punch, but we just kept collecting them and collecting them, and there are repeats and some are for places that no one ever orders from or are out of business, and that is the sort of thing that makes me absolutely nuts. if i capitalized, all of this would be in caps. so...i used the menupages.com and printed 8.5"x11" versions of all the menus, hole punch again, and then i arranged them "chinese, japanese, dirty knees (american foods/diners), and look at these (all others)", and then, unsure of myself, i checked to make sure that all those years i was hearing that chanted correctly, "dirty knees." and that's when i found this site full of tests, which miss hag has already failed. oh, and me too. enjoy.

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