nyc needs gravy

so i couldn't be happier right now. in 10 short hours i will be with my parents, riding in a pickup truck, hopefully on my way to eating a roast beef poboy, sloppy drippy with brown gravy, dressed with lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

now it might have taken me a year to stop ordering "sweet tea" when out at dinner, but honestly i'm not one of those southerners living in new york who constantly complains about undercooked veggies (even if they always are). the thing i will complain about is the serious lack of gravy around here. in mississippi, we put brown gravy on everything. literally, i've made dinner of white bunny bread slices with gravy poured all over. so really, it just doesn't make any sense to me why this amazing city, filled as it is with the best and the brightest minds from all around the world, has yet to offer me a reasonable copy of a southern style roast beef poboy with gravy. and i've tried getting around the fact that it isn't on menus, ordering their roast beef sandwiches with sides of gravy, but it's never remotely the same.

my dream is to one day open a truely southern style poboy shop here in the city. i'm sick of fancy crab cakes and hush puppies that turn into dust in your throat. i'm tired of being served gumbo that's so unbearably over spicy hot you can't even eat it and waitresses who have never been south of the mason-dixon line telling me "it's hot, because that's how they like it down there." i mean, seriously, people in the northeast must think that we're morons in the south, eating such terrible foods.

additionally, my dad has promised we'll do some fishing, and my mouth is already watering. if you've never caught a fish and eaten it right off the boat or watched a soft shell crab go right from it shell into the frying pan, you can't imagine what you're missing. i wouldn't trade one piece of fresh fried speckled trout fried for a whole dinner at danielle (no offense jan).

it's too much. i have to stop thinking about it.

get ready food journal.

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