current affairs

at this very moment there are dozens of people staring up at the building that gstaad is in wondering why the man in the 12th floor is threatening to jump. apparantly there was some issue about his non-payment of some 15-20 years of rent.

this is the bubble, proof that they don't just inflate these in the movies.


orangemanmike said...

So? Did he or didn't he? I suppose it would have been in poor taste to run a quick special on the outcome, huh? "Half off all drinks if he jumps! Drinks are free if he misses the bubble!"

andebobandy said...

so, he didn't jump. what a waste of a perfectly giant fluffed pillow! he did kill happy hour though.

Miss Marisol said...

"He did kill happy hour though."

Funny on so many dark levels.