i don't know if you've seen this book, postsecret: extraordinary confessions from ordinary lives but there is a confession written on a starbucks cup holder that says, "when people aren't nice, i give them decaf."

ever since i read that, i feel like that happens to me. not because i'm not nice, but sometimes my coffee just doesn't give me that kick start that i need from it to face my day. today the girl at the counter wasn't nice, and i'm sure that she gave me decaf coffee. maybe i was rude in her opinion, but i don't understand why i have to pay for them running out of small coffee cups. and i asked, "could you put a small coffee pour into a large cup?" to which she answered, without explination or expression, "no."

my day started without me.

i did get another coffee about 3pm, and i'm much better now, which is great, because a great highschool friend of mine is visiting town and she's coming by the bar shortly and i think i'll take her around the corner to sapa for dinner.

today's food journal entry thus far:
11am coffee (decaf) cream/sugar
12pm three fried chicken drumsticks
3pm coffee cream/sugar
6pm olive

her train arrives at 7:15.
maybe i should have another olive.

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