last year i resolved not to start this year with getting sick in a cab again. i guess i'll know if my year was a success in about 50 hours.

this year, i thought i'd play my "andebobandy wants..." game, changing for the occassion and only came up with these two:

-andebobandy resolves to find glamor and a rich husband by becoming a roller skating car hop.

-andebobandy resolves all problems.

so not much help there.
actually, i think those added pressure.

there are a lot of things that i need to do for myself. i need to rest enough to get my back in better shape. i need to stop dreading working out so much, becuase i know that i enjoy it when i finally get around to doing it. i need to replace my bathroom mirrored cabinet with one that's mirrors are securely fixed so i don't end up in a tragic hair drying accident. i need to stop biting my fingernails.

it seems funny that i hate breaking promises to other people. i can promise the stupidest thing, sometimes such insignificant things that the person that i promised won't even remember that i said i'd do it, but i'll be plagued by the idea that i didn't accomplish that thing for them. but promises to myself, i drop all the time. not just the innane ones, the promises that i will deposit my paycheck or buy half and half so that i can enjoy a cup of coffee at home, but biggies like promising to make myself happier by taking time to relax or take better care of myself.

there is one thing that i do want to get on this year. i want to get andebobandy.com rolling. it doesnt' have to be anything major. i've been so busy with the holiday season, it's a very busy time for the bar, and i've been putting off getting things really started because...
there's actually no really good reason.

i guess that's it then. andebobandy capitalizing is my resolution.

and another thing i've been thinking about...

what's up with those guys that carry their stereos around with them? do you think it's because they can't afford walkmans? are they just incredibly rude? it seems a lot of work to do lugging that thing around just to be obnoxious. i mean, it is new york. there are a lot of easier ways to be rude and obnoxious on the street. or are they really doing it for us, their listening audience, like a public service? i sometimes imagine these guys sorting through their c.d. collections thinking hard about what we need to hear on the streets to make our day better. it makes me hate them a little less.

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