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1. someone found my blog by searching the string of words - over the counter inflamatory. apparantly i've used at least a 75% combination of those words before.

2. what is the saying? it's like trying to capture lightning in a bottle? maybe lightening doesn't strike twice in the same place might be more accurate. or it's like trying to capture lightning twice in a bottle. anyway, this is all to say that i was all amped up to have an amazing night at the last black hearts party on saturday night, and it just didn't happen. it wasn't fun. maybe it was me, but i don't think so. i was dressed to the nines, rockstar 110%, i talked to a bunch of strangers, i drank and i drank and i drank. actually, after having very little fun for what seemed like a long time, i think i was trying to make the being drunk part of it the fun, which just led me to missing my sunday training and feeling like crap about stuff i said, but forgot that i said, to my lovely husband who didn't deserve it at all (from what my friends tell me). yeah, i'm that kind of drunk sometimes. anyway, the venue wasn't quite right, the bar was woefully stocked with the most off of off brands throw away liquors, the only half way decent booze ran out before midnight, there weren't all the cool nooks and crannys of silly seedy funness, the music was forgetable, and the wheel, oh the wheel, it's like the best part of the whole thing, it was was under such bright lights it sort of ruined it. on top of all of that...-insert long story here that i'm not going to tell...-and my night ended with me arguing with a limo driver that had me locked in his car and wouldn't let me out until "the boy brings the tip"...and though that might sound like i was wrong, i wasn't.

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g8s said...

Better to have used a 75% combination of the words "over the counter inflamatory" than to have used a 75% combination of the over the counter inflamatory itself, I always say...