it wasn't so bad

waking up was half to battle. the other half was going to sleep. i couldn't fall asleep friday night for the life of me. anthony and i had gone sking last week, and i'd forgotton my driver's license in the pocket of my ski jacket, and i couldn't stop worrying about wether or not i was going to need it for the race. i kept wondering where my old license was, if i should bring my passport, if i brought my passport would it be secure in the bag check area, and where was the bag check area, and what bag would i bring, should i wear my coat, and on and on and on. i finally got to sleep about 3:30 only to be awakened at 6:30 so that we could get there in time. there was a point about noon when we were on our way home where i thought i might just fall asleep riding on the train.

so i finished 41:16, which is about a 10 minute/mile, which is pretty slow, but i walked a lot, probably more than i should have, but i just couldn't keep going. i ran a stupidly fast first mile, just keeping pace with the people around me, which was a mistake, because i was miserable the second one. i didn't stop in the first, and i made myself a promise that i wouldn't stop in the last mile just as i passed the marker, and i didn't, so i was proud of having done that. i'm happy it's over, and i'm looking forward to working on improving and trying again. on march 7th there's a 5 mile race, maybe i'll go again then.


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