not so much anymore

before starting to workout with some small amount of regularity, i considered myself an athletic person, someone undaunted by the challenges of aches and pains, a warrior for my weekly games.

then there was this week.

...after my sunday soccer smack down, where hit by (or rather in my hitting/fouling) a large fellow at top speeds head on, my body crushed into his like a bug on a windshield and resulted in my being instantly laid out flat on my back and my head whipped into the turf.

...after running monday for 5.5 miles, having my turned-over-several-months-prior ankle start barking and my knees start aching in this non-muscle but non-bone way, which made me feel unduly o-l-d climbing up my stairs that night and into the next day and into today.

...after playing basketball tuesday night through the pain of my neck, ankle, knee, and left thumb jam from last week that has been making pulling on my shoes properly an adventure in tollerance.

...after working out one hour wednesday with will, who despite his being the nicest person i know, causes me and my husband copious amounts of pain and occassional blackouts even when i'm in the best of health.

i feel like my dad's poor jack russle terrier (aptly named jack) that was run over by an f150 yesterday. he's recovering, but it's going to be a little while before he's back to his happy, healthy squirrell killing self again.

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