bob marley banana tongues

first there's this bob marley banana photo sent to me by my friend in
clearly the only option he has is to frame and then list this photo in the arts and crafts section of craigslist and sell it for $75,452.26, becuase his friend ate the banana.

and then...

jealous of all the clever little ways people have changed their comments tag on their blogs, i looked up synonyms for said and found:

state, say, tell, express, verbalize, utter, or give tongue to.

soon i'll be able to say, "mr. g8s gave tongue to me over my bob marley banana".


g8s said...

...and now, you can, although it will make me feel dirty, seeing as you & the SoN are family to me...

Laughing At Jerks said...

HEY THATS MY BANANA PIC!tamara told me you had it!
i'm guessing miek sent it to you?!! jesus, small world. and i DID eat it , what else could i do?