nyc - biggest small town in america

so i had to find a wedding gift for some friends of ours and i stumbled upon kiosk. i walked over there to pick up this awesome stapler which i later got engraved with the names of our friends and their wedding date. hubby thought it was a terrible idea, and as i presented the stapler over dinner he had to make a grand disclaimer that he had absolutely nothing to do with it. of course, they loved it. it's an awesome stapler! how could they not love it? anyway, while i was there i asked a couple of questions and the woman that was helping me turned out to be the owner. i love that, by the way. and she works there with her husband. honestly, it's like a parallel universe. so they have the coolest job, right? they travel all over finding interesting objects that appeal to them for a variety of reasons and then import them to sell out of their soho shop, which i would recommend to anyone in need of a gift for anyone for any occasion ever. i'd noticed all the finnish things on the website and mentioned oulu. she was familiar with the area and said she'd have to check it out.

two days later i found this web page with both of our places listed together from the finnish consulate general of new york. how totally random. i sent her a link to it (because i'm sort of psycho like that sometimes) and said hey it's me, remember? oh my god it's like totally a sign or something.

i love new york.

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