open apology to you know who you are

i'm sorry i called you a fat head, i didn't mean it.


you, and you know who you are, can consider this my apology. i realize that you could be somewhat sensitive about the size of your head and it was wrong of me to poke fun at the fact that it might be just the slightest bit big for your shoulders and face. please note, i said might be.

in my defense, i don't think you would have taken it so hard if you hadn't been talking to that girl at the time.

anyway, i guess that's beside the point.



p.s. how's this for a deal? if you promise to stop pointing out that i can, at times, look like a young boy, then i will refrain from calling you a fat head, sending email that start, "dear f.h." and i will even agree not to say, "don't be a fat head," even though i would argue that that isn't exactly the same as calling you a fat head.

p.s.s. can this count as the post that mentions you, or do i have to mention you by name?

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