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i couldn't get a good screen shot of this because of the way that it was spaced out, so i had to cut and paste.  it's a for real for real posting and it's unedited so it does have some capitalization.

Need Arm Candy for my H,.S reunion ! (Lower Manhattan)

Reply to: gigs-728073532@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-06-21, 9:20PM EDT

Just as described.

Next week is a 10 year H.S reunion and need to show up with some arm candy.

Acting experience a plus. Will have to memorize a bit of backstory.

MUSSST be really attractive and either have a great personality or know how to blend in and just look good.But most of all act totally in love with me.

200$ for 3 hours + food and drinks.

Ages 21-28 , Latina or Brazilian preferred.

Must be willing to meet for coffee or something before hand to get stories straight. Also willing to purchase your outfit for the night (within reason).

Last post got flagged , this is strictly a couple of hour event. Not looking for hanky panky or anything extra.

Myself 6ft tall , in shape , regular joe. White/Asian mix.

Email me age , some pics or a myspace page , and maybe a little about yourself.

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