i feel like i've fallen so far behind, i don't know where to begin.

porto vallarta was amazing.  hubby and i really needed to get away.  the house was beautiful and there was an amazing sunset view.

photos can never do it justice, but it was like this or more brilliant ever day.  here are a few others for fun.
i stayed a couple extra days with my friend kathy, who is planning her wedding in p.v.  we got a lot of wedding work done.

i have a ridiculous tan, and ridiculous tan lines.  by the time we left, the locals were asking me questions in spanish.  i would insert the photo of me in my bikini with my wife beater lines from the luchador day above.

i tried to get my friend to ride a donkey through a bar, then i tried to get the donkey to the bar where we were.  neither happened.

this weekend we went to fishkill for my friend scott's wedding.  hubby and i celebrated our 2nd anniversary on the 10th, then i turned 31 on friday the 13th.  we decided to make a little get away weekend.  we stayed in an adorable b and b in a little town called highland.  if anyone has to go up there, i would without a doubt suggest staying here, the inn at twaalfskill.  i really do think that if we wanted to walk away from our lives, a b and b with a bar/restaurant, like fawlty towers.

what else...what else...
this is the summer of andebobandy - is my new mantra
i got an amazing new dress from my pal j.c.'s shop annelore for my birthday and went to see kung fu panda which i l.o.v.e.d. loved.

and i will will will be better to my blog.

until next time there's this ponoko.

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you're back! you're back!