a beanie?  on the hottest day in weeks?

so what's the thought process?  you wake up and turn on new york one and see that it's gonna be 95 degrees out, and you think, "hmm...what should i accessorize with today?  maybe a pea coat?  a scarf?  maybe some giant biker boots?  no...i think i'm going beanie."

is it too much for you to sacrifice one iota of hipster style for an inch of comfort?  i mean, you're still in the black skinny jeans, right.  that isn't enough, is it?  

where does your body lose the most heat in the winter?  your head, right?  does that change after june 20th?  i don't think so.

95 degrees out, in a beanie.



Orangemanmike said...

Sounds like it should have a propeller on top of it!

ridiculous said...

b and i saw some jackhole on the beach in skinny jeans. on the beach.