i'm officially a pro

one of our big williamsburg goofs is that every time you sit next to someone in a bar or meet them at a party and ask them what they do, they say they're a graphic designer.  hubby always says, you are what you are paid to do.  you're not an graphics designer who has never had a job, you're a barista and you're not an actor that's never been on stage, you're a waiter - get used to it.  

i was starting to feel like a goof myself this year.  since 2008 commenced, i haven't been paid to do anything but pour cocktails.  you're a bar owner, andebobandy, get used to it.  but now it's official.  i've been paid for work in 2008, and i'm officially a professional once more.  i wouldn't want to survive on my take, but i was able to buy a beautiful new laptop bag to carry my beautiful new (well, not so new now) laptop.

it's from a cute company called timbuk2.  they do custom bags.  i like it, because i'm frighteningly paranoid that my laptop is not protected enough from bumps and bruises, but this bag has a super padded corduroy lined pouch inside for my baby.

so this is the spot that dana (of blush and flax) and i worked on for the above the influence ad campaign.


we aren't responsible for the idea of it, only the t-shirt designs.  

and just a little side bit for my mom: hi, mom.  i swear that we're coming to visit.  you'll know when, just as soon as i do.  xxoo.  


Anonymous said...

I must take umbrage with either your liberal use of the word "professional" or your lack of use of the word "professional" when it comes to "bar owner". Clearly bar owner does not fall into the traditional idea of professional (lawyer doctor, perhaps banker since there are certain licensing exams...veterinarian may count but is less glamorous and I would say perhaps a profession in only certain regional areas..read aka the "hillbilly professional"). But if you are going to attach the word "professional" to graphic designer for Chirst's sake, probably the laziest of all designers, then most assuredly you can be a professional bar owner (its not like there is a minor league).

Also it seems you are simply confusing "professional" with "getting paid". Now it may mean the same thing in the Olympic world, but in the business world...i don't think so.

So, put that hemp track suit on and head to Yoga at 2 in the afternoon, followed by a trip to Pinkberry for some frozen yogurt, and get to oxymoronic work, you graphic design type person.


andebobandy said...

so bitter, mister. just admit it. you're gonna miss me.