so yesterday, in an attempt to do something about my unchanging appearance, i decided to do a little shopping.  i hadn't entered an express store in a million years.  i feel they're sort of like the sluttish version of old navy.  it's like the same clothes cut a little shorter and sparkly.

just a side, slutish is the proper adjective form of slut, not slutty.  just some stuff i learned on the street.

anyway, i'm a sucker for a sale sign and had a bit of time to kill, so i went in and saw that the jeans had pretty nice washes.  i grabbed a "low rise" six and four.  six, becuase that's the norm and four, because i can dream.  so the sixes were like trying on a giant paper bag and the fours were also too big.  honestly, i couldnt believe it.  i went for the two and low and behold, they fit, not like i'd buy them, because the "low rise" wasn't exactly "low".  i very nearly bought them just so that i had a two in the house.

twenty minutes later, i walked into the esprit.  i collected dresses and pants, all in six, all very cute, excited that maybe among the selection there would be just one thing i could wear out to dinner at some time.  apparantly, i'm not even a six at esprit.  six was too small.  even if the eights i tried fit like a glove, i wouldn't have bought them.

i came to the following conclusions:

a. express makes clothes for overweight women in utter denial about their size who want to feel sexy (read slutish) and shiny

and b. esprit makes clothes for people (freakish people) who like to feel like they need to diet, have no calves, hips, or waists.

i realize that pinning all your wardrobe hopes on a one afternoon shopping run, isn't practical.  i know that i need to make more of an effort to go out shopping more often and pick up pieces here and there and let my style (read lack of style) evolve.

for now, i'll just settle for cutting my own hair. 

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